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The Tummy Team has been serving our local community since 2009 and has now transitioned to exclusively online to better meet the functional core rehab needs of clients everywhere! We are highly specialized physical therapists with online rehab programs for diastasis recti rehab, pelvic floor rehab, prenatal and postpartum core training and so much more.

Functional Core

For chronic back pain, general core weakness, digestive issues, and more

Prenatal Core

For preparing core and pelvic floor muscles for delivery & recovery

Recti Rehab

For healing diastasis recti and improving core function


For rehabilitating your core and pelvic floor muscles following birth

Functional Pelvic
Floor Rehab

For incontinence, prolapse, pain with intimacy, and more

Tummy Safe

For individuals pursuing fitness after rehabilitating their core

Surgery Prep

For preparing the core for any kind of abdominal surgery & recovery

Men's Core

For men suffering from back or neck pain, abdominal hernias, and more


For women who have experienced trauma or loss surrounding pregnancy

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What Professionals Are Saying…

home testimonials

We have been deeply impressed with what The Tummy Team is able to retrain in our patients with pelvic dysfunctions, low back pains, hip issues and even some chronic running injuries that turned out to stem from improper use of core muscles!
– Jenny Baldwin, Owner of Symmetry Massage

I tell all of my prenatal & postpartum clients about the core rehab specialists at The Tummy Team. It means a lot to be able to refer them with full confidence that they will be in good hands and get exactly the kind of care that they need.
– Karli, Childbirth Educator

The Tummy Team’s approach and focus on spinal alignment and functional exercises have been a wonderful addition for many of my chiropractic clients with diastasis recti or ongoing functional core weakness.
– Dr. Kaitlyn Hease, Chiropractor

Often clients start fitness when they might benefit from functional core rehab first. I work closely with the core rehab specialists at The Tummy Team to help my clients get the rehab they need before they transition into Tummy Safe Fitness.
– Beth Learn, Tummy-Safe Fitness Specialist & Owner of

I refer clients to the Tummy Team because I know they are getting top-notch care that is personalized exactly for them. The care is heartfelt and individual and they leave empowered. Kelly and her team have developed a clinic that has an amazing depth of knowledge combined with years and years of clinical experience.
– Dr. Michelle Gerbi, Chiropractor

The Tummy Team has officially transitioned to The Tummy Team ONLINE. Check out our online programs & eSessions options! View The Tummy Team Online
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