Meet Our Team

Kelly Dean, MPT
Physical Therapist, Founder
Kelly is a physical therapist specializing in the rehabilitation of the internal muscles of the abdominals and back. Kelly performed her undergraduate work at the University of New Mexico, where she also swam competitively for four years. She received her master’s degree in physical therapy from the University of North Dakota in 1997.

Kelly loves to teach people about the body’s amazing design and intended function. She’s passionate, too, about increasing the body’s performance without severe amounts of exercise.
Read More Through these passions, Kelly has amassed extensive professional experience in neuromuscular rehabilitation, strokes and brain injury, community re-entry, and home health.

  After several pregnancies and subsequent severe back pain, a protruding tummy, weak core muscles, and a significant diastasis, Kelly’s own journey changed the direction of her career. Today, the owner of The Tummy Team, she is dedicated to fully understanding the neuromuscular, postural, and alignment issues that contribute to core weakness and abdominal separation. Her combination of multiple approaches specifically treats these conditions for long-lasting changes.

  In Kelly’s free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids. She loves the water and swims competitively on a Master’s swim team, spends hours on her paddle board, loves to explore the Pacific Northwest coastline, and go white water rafting. She even learned to surf last year. When not in the water, she is an avid reader, Olympic sports enthusiast, and enjoys leading the high school girls in her church youth group.
Gillian Sukachevin, MPT
Physical Therapist, Pelvic Floor Specialist
Gillian is a core rehabilitation and pelvic floor specialist with The Tummy Team. She received a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Andrews University in 1998. She became a clinical instructor at Georgetown University Hospital and was drawn to neuromuscular re-education for the first ten years of her career. She also became acutely aware of the effect of physical and emotional trauma on the human body while working with a wide variety of patients.
Read More Following a back injury, four car accidents, infertility and birth trauma, Gillian experienced years of pain and feeling disconnected from her body. She came to The Tummy Team for her own recovery in 2012. With the help of Kelly Dean, she not only found relief, but also began to see how greatly core rehabilitation could help others.

Gillian has a passion for helping people build better relationships with their own bodies so that they can enjoy caring for their families and marriages without suffering. After rigorous one-on-one training with Kelly to become a Tummy Team core rehabilitation specialist, Gillian completed her training in Holistic Pelvic Care™ and is currently studying Visceral Manipulation with The Barral Institute. She is the co-creator of Floor of Your Core and loves to speak at moms groups about what she has learned.

Gillian is a mother of 2, loves a good cup of tea, enjoys playing the piano and practicing tai chi. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook
Shaunta May
Office Manager
Shaunta' is our office manager and billing specialist. She does everything from answering your initial questions to scheduling your appointments. She will also be the one to call if you have any questions about your bill or insurance. Shaunta' is a wealth of knowledge and a helpful hand with the many families that come through our office. In her free time, Shaunta' loves spending time with her husband and two children.
Ally Tanner
Administrative Support, Receptionist
Ally is our afternoon receptionist and office assistant. She enjoys helping keep our office organized and running smoothly. Ally is currently in high school and enjoys leading worship in her youth group, as well as assisting children with special needs in school and the community. Her goal is to get a degree in Occupational Therapy and one day open her own clinic working with children.
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