Our Values

The Tummy Team is committed to validating your story, providing
relevant, practical education to understand your body, and offering
effective solutions to live the life you were meant to live.


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In 2008, Kelly Dean was about 18-months postpartum with her 3rd full-term pregnancy, and her body was falling apart. Kelly was a former collegiate swimmer and had been a physical therapist for over a decade at this point, but everything she knew about fitness and rehab seemed to be failing her. Kelly looked chronically 5 months pregnant, suffered from constant low back pain, pelvic pain, stress incontinence, constipation, and felt utterly weak and disconnected from her entire body when she was finally diagnosed with diastasis recti. This diagnosis came with very discouraging advice. The options presented to her were: learn to live with this, or save your money for a $10K elective tummy tuck. Plastic surgery, although tempting, did not seem like the answer to all of her symptoms. So, Kelly began a journey of fully understanding the causes of diastasis recti, what it affects in the body, and how to effectively rehabilitate the condition. She started sharing her story with other moms and found that her symptoms were epidemic among women (and men) everywhere. She started to share what she was learning about her own body with others until one day her friend said: “it’s like you have your own Tummy Team”. In April 2008, The Tummy Team was born.

Ten years later, The Tummy Team has become a resource throughout the world in the treatment of diastasis recti and functional core weakness. The Tummy Team consists of a highly specialized physical therapy clinic located in Camas, WA, an international resource of online functional core rehabilitation programs, and a comprehensive professional training program to change the entire medical approach for people suffering from diastasis and associated pain and weakness.

The Tummy Team approach is often the missing link in the effective treatment of some of the most commonly dismissed symptoms men and women are dealing with. Conditions like low back pain, mid back pain, sciatica, pelvic instability, pelvic floor weakness, and diastasis recti are often dismissed or left untreated. Prenatal issues like back pain, pubic bone pain, poor fetal alignment, difficult deliveries, and difficult birth recoveries are often considered somewhat normal by the birth and medical community, so again, minimal treatment is offered. The Tummy Team is determined to not dismiss symptoms and to teach clients to listen to their body, while we give them realistic and practical ways to rebuild their functional core strength.

Our mission is to change the medical, fitness, and birth community by offering a better way to treat commonly dismissed, but very valid concerns.

Our Values

We believe in the value of each person’s story, and will not dismiss symptoms even when we do not personally have all the answers.

We believe in the incredible capacity of the human body to heal when given the right conditions and when it is not fighting for survival.

We believe that everyone can learn to listen to their own body and learn how to self-treat many of the common aches and pains they experience.

We believe that helping people live strong, pain-free and connected lives will impact everyone around them and will gradually change the world.

We believe that our bodies were perfectly and skillfully designed by a loving and creative God and that all complete healing comes from the love of Jesus Christ.

We believe that every client, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, culture, or lifestyle, will thrive in unconditional support, love, and encouragement.

We believe that it is a privilege to do this work and approach all of our business practices with the utmost honesty, integrity, and compassion.

We believe that we are all on a journey to live our best lives and that the body and spirit are resilient and powerful when given the right tools.

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