What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart?

We’re not your average physical therapists. Having a background in neuromuscular re-education makes us look at things differently. Here’s what sets us apart from traditional physical therapy that you may have experienced:

We make it functional. We spend the time understanding what the demands of your life are and combine our rehab approach with the movements you already do throughout the day. Imagine doing your rehab exercises while you clean the house or drive the car. Yes, it’s that functional. 

We focus on upright posture. We primarily work in upright sitting and standing postures with clients and offer minimal exercises that require you to lie down. Function is our focus. Life is not lived laying down, but rather in upright postures, so that is where we focus our rehab. 

We treat the cause, not the symptom. We will look at the big picture of your symptoms by looking at their root cause. Then we use a neuromuscular feedback approach to retrain the brain-body connection and replace ineffective habits with optimal movement patterns. Imagine bending over without worrying about throwing your back out. 

We see fast results. Most of our clients only need to be seen for 3-6 sessions, which are usually 2 weeks apart. Because we make our rehab integrate into your daily routine, the exercises are meaningful and practical, and you’re likely to do it more. This leads to some pretty amazing results in pretty amazing time. 

We care about what you care about. Our goal is to help you be strong for your real life, not just a set of exercises. If what you want is to sit at a football game without back pain, we want that too. If what you want is to be able to keep up with your kids without pain or fatigue, we want that too.

We get creative. Your involvement is the most important factor in your success. We will get creative to help you be consistent and make the rehab meaningful to you. (Although, once you experience how fast you notice results, you will be motivated to keep going!)

We give you tools for life. Client education is a premium in our clinic. We will educate you on how your body was designed to function and show you how to treat pain and dysfunction. Imagine knowing exactly why your hips hurt and how to fix it.

We specialize in only this. Treating functional core weakness and functional pelvic floor weakness is our main focus. All of our training and resources are put into giving you the best possible treatment in this area.

We are known worldwide. Though we started as a local physical therapy clinic, we have an extremely successful series of international online rehabilitation programs. We have helped thousands of clients around the world heal their core, so you are in good hands.

We train professionals in this specialty. Our approach is not the approach that is taught in physical therapy school. We offer continuing education courses for professionals worldwide so we can reach more people who need this specialized appraoch.

The Tummy Team has been treating clients under this approach for many years and we’ve seen countless clients heal their core and pelvic floor dysfunction through our approach. We can help you too.


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